Reposted from Master RavynBlood with permission.

I would like to personally thank everyone who helped make the Hall of Kink become a reality.

To all the members of House RavynBlood who helped design, build, and piece together all of the parts a pieces that made the Hall itself, both informationally and physically. A lot of long hours went into this and you all brought this crazy idea into the real world.

To our Historian, Astrid, who went well beyond her charge to make sure we had plenty of historical information and gave her absolute best in making sure we had references and information as accurate as possible.
To Star, for her being there for every laminated photo, every heavy case, every mile back and forth transporting it all. For late nights of putting it all together, organizing, moving gridwall, and pre-building.

To Brian and Kris for the detailed work put into the much needed shelving for the Wall of Remembrance and build & tear down of the Hall.
To Master Gear and Vee for their countless hours working on and lending their voices to the accompanying audio, background sounds, and helping with tear down.

To Mistress Cyan for believing in us and giving us a place within DomCon for the Hall of Kink to be.

To our Volunteer Helpers… to Sir Welph for helping us in physically building the gridwall and putting together the pieces that made the hall what it was. To Master Kuldrin and Lady Katheryne for helping with audio pieces for the background as some of the voices you heard talking about various topics as you walked through.

To those who helped get info and photos to us for the Wall of Remembrance so we could have those who have passed with us again for DomCon. We were able to fill the wall with help from Mistress Melissa, Mistress Cyan, Sir Nik Satanas, ServiceSlut, Meister Schmerz, Goddess Soma, Matty, Jenna Rotten, Valentino Harrison, and Goddess Sativa.

To those who brought us artifacts for the cases so others could see first hand pieces of our shared past. Items were loaned by Mistress Cyan, Meister Schmerz, Astrid, ServiceSlut, Master Kuldrin, Star, and Master Gear.

Words cannot express how very thankful I am to all of you for the work and help you’ve given and all the hours you’ve sacrificed for this project. I am truly grateful to you all. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I say to you all Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

With My Deepest Love, Honor, and Respect to You All,
Master Gabriel
House RavynBlood