Kinky Timeline

A History of BDSM


Astrid entered the Los Angeles kink community in 2011 and joined House RavynBlood in 2016. As part of the annual House project, Astrid interviewed kink community elder MsEmily in 2017 and was fascinated by the untapped history shared. After a year of research, and at the urging of her Housemates, Astrid presented The History of Kink Timeline as a class at DomCon 2018.

The project has since grown into the virtual timeline housed here, with all of House RavynBlood working to bring it to life as an immersive exhibit at DomCon LA in 2019 under the guidance of Master Gabriel RavynBlood. Master RavynBlood added The Wall of Remembrance to the project, to honor those members of our community who are gone but not forgotten.

House RavynBlood presented The Wall of Remembrance & The Kinky Timeline together with rare community artifacts at DomCon LA 2019 & DomCon LA 2021 as The Hall of Kink. Both the Kinky Timeline & The Hall of Kink are still growing.

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